Patch Notes Version 0.9.0

Today’s patch introduces Conquest mode, a new main screen UI layout, new character art, bug fixes and more! Read all about it below:

New Conquest Mode Added

Be a champion for your Faction in the all new Conquest Mode! At the start of each new Conquest, choose the Faction you want to represent, and battle it out with other players of opposing Factions for control of the Map. You won’t have to face your opponents alone, as players worldwide will contribute to the result of each Conquest. You can earn rewards based on your performance as well as the overall performance of your Faction. However, rewards and bragging rights are not the only things at stake, since the outcome of each Conquest will forever change the story of Kelastyne.

Conquest Map

Fight for Territory

Control over territory is one of the largest sources of conflict between the Factions, and Conquest Mode will decide the rulers once and for all! Conquest Campaigns will last three to four days, with a new Campaign becoming available at the end of each previous one. Your goal is to help your Faction claim the most tiles on the map, and the Faction that has majority control over the map at the end of each Campaign will emerge victorious! What's more, just like in Ranked Mode, you'll gain Medals so you can increase your Medal Rank and unlock new cards.

Rules of Engagement

Each Faction will start off with a set of Base Tiles which cannot be conquered by other Factions. Branch out from your base by claiming Tiles that are near areas your Faction controls. As Factions fight over a space, they will earn Phase Points based on the number of Matches they win. At the end of each 60-minute Phase, the Phase Points earned indicate which Faction did best in battles. Factions will all be awarded special Conquest Points based on who did best and other factors such as Special Tiles. Once your Faction has taken control of a Tile they must fight to keep it during the next Phase while also attempting to push forward and gain control of more Tiles! Be aware of Gambit and Bonus Tiles that can give your Faction an advantage during different Phases.

Special Tiles

Some tiles will contain icons that give them additional properties you can use for strategic advantage. Here are the two types of special tiles you’ll find:

  • Bonus Tiles: These powerful Tiles are fixed in one place during the whole Conquest. Take control and hold them as long as you can. Combat Bonus Tiles can give you access to a card you might not own. Siege Bonus Tiles give you extra Conquest points on surrounding Tiles, making it easier to conquer nearby Tiles.

  • Gambit Tiles: Special Gambit icons appear in different places after each Phase. When one appears on a Tile, it gives that Tile a one-time-use effect after the Phase ends. That is, if you get enough Phase points to trigger it. For example, you can steal Conquest Points from other Tiles or block your own Conquest Points from being stolen. Wait until you see all the cool things Gambits can do!

Rewards and Prestige

While the glory goes to your Faction, rewards are also based on your personal performance. Gain Prestige Points for every battle you win, climb the leaderboards, and earn better rewards for you and your Faction! The story of Call of Guardians will evolve and change based on the outcome of each Campaign mode. Fight for your place in history and become a legend!

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • The UI for the Main Screen has been revamped to fit better and be more intuitive

  • The screen will now default to the Conquest Battle screen, swipe right or tap on the two crossed swords on the navigation menu to access the Ranked Battle screen

  • Up to 4 pre-constructed Battle Decks are now available, easily switch Decks between matches

  • Guardian select is now available via the Conquest and Ranked Mode screens and is no longer accessible through the Deck screen

  • Guardian Weapons can be upgraded by selecting the Guardian, then tapping on their weapon in that Guardian’s info screen

  • Leaderboards are now available via buttons on the right side of the Conquest Mode and Ranked Battle screens in the main menu

  • An issue that caused Plague Condor eggs not to hatch after E.M.P stun wore off has been resolved

  • An issue which caused Damien’s Blood Scythe not to deal the proper amount of damage has been resolved

  • An issue that showed the incorrect number of hits on Damien’s Soul Steal Card has been resolved

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