Patch Notes Version 0.4.2

Today’s patch includes a variety of fixes/improvements. Details on the update are below:

Version 0.4.2

New Features:

  • Battle results screen is now skippable

  • Main menu tooltips can now be skipped by tapping on the screen

  • Textures for Units and Guardians on the battlefield improved to be clearer and more vibrant

  • Guardian Select Screen now features animated characters

UI Improvements:

  • Battle results screen was redesigned for improved readability

  • Initial loading screen now shows more information

  • Card Panel in battle received several small usability improvements

  • Battle Deck and Card Collection updated to show the information below:

  • Card rarity displayed on cards

  • Card count display adjusted

  • Card type display added

Balance Changes:

  • Guardian respawn time increased from 5, 7, 11 seconds to 7, 9, 12 seconds (the respawn time increases each time your Guardian dies during a match)

Bug Fixes:

  • The game now uses less memory and players should experience fewer crashes

  • Attempting to use an ability with insufficient energy will now correctly display "Not Enough Energy"

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