Origin of the Factions

For as long as any of us can remember, before stories were told and passed down to new generations, Kelastyne has been under the rule and protection of the Guard. As their civilization advanced and the Guard’s power and land influence expanded, the ruins of ancient cultures were discovered. In these forgotten temples and relics, the Guard discovered the artifacts of an ancient power source, undisturbed for eons.

It wasn’t long before the Guard recognized that the power of these mysterious artifacts could be harnessed in the Core and used to enhance their war machines, firmly cementing their rule over the land with impossibly effective weapons and powerful soldiers.

With the balance of power firmly in hand, many prosperous centuries passed for those under the Guard's rule until Regalia, a powerful but dissatisfied member of the Council of Empires, stole one of the Core’s artifacts and corrupted it for her own dark desires. Perverting the Core’s power into an evil magic, Regalia gathered an army of the undead, finally declaring herself the Witch Queen, leader of the Plague and mortal enemy of the Guard. A new era of conflict and war had begun.

At first, the Guard were largely unprepared for this new threat and the Plague were free to terrorize the mighty Citadels across the land, forcing many citizens to flee to the forests and hide. The Guard eventually found its footing and their war with the Plague became stagnant. During this time, the forest refugees were largely left to themselves and they began to band together. At first, they gathered in small numbered tribes, but they eventually formed an organized and spiritually enlightened society that unearthed the power of beasts. They called themselves the Wild.

With her early successes against the Guard waning, The Witch Queen recognized that the Guard was too powerful a force for her alone to defeat. She turned to the forest in an attempt to corrupt the the Wild using her twisted power. The plan backfired, the forests purified the essence of the Core and the Wild gained new purpose and power: Protect the lands they now call home at any cost.

This tribe of protectors and residents of the forest have turned their back on the Guard, who failed to shield them from the dark power of the Plague. Though often thought of as a peaceful Faction, they are unafraid to stand and fight anyone or anything that threatens their land or its inhabitants.

The Guard

The Plague

The Wild