Shamaness Vianna, Protector of the Wild

“Foul creatures of the Plague. We have sought no war with you, yet you trespass upon sacred lands to defile that which feeds the valley. You have attacked our kin and sought to destroy that which we hold dear.”

She stepped out to a branch in the high canopy to reveal herself, her slight frame exuding an aura of wild power that seemed to stand out against the vast expanse of sky. Two huge bone gauntlets wrapped around her forearms, ending in a daunting set of claws carved from the jawbones of ancient beasts. A pair of blazing golden eyes burned from below a crest of dark feathers at her brow. When she spoke, it came with a quiet authority that penetrated the din of noise below.

“For these crimes, I will show you no mercy.”

Vianna, shamaness of the Wild, protector of the forest and its creatures. She was said to be unflinching in the face of danger and merciless against any who dared trespass on the land they had claimed as their own.