Overview of Call of Guardians

For generations, the Guard controlled the Council of Empires and with their mighty war machines, dominated the lands of Kelastyne. The chance discovery of ancient technologies commonly referred to as, "Cores" slowly gave rise to two new Factions, the Wild and The Plague. Now three Factions, each with their own Guardians, are locked in an eternal struggle for control of many mighty Citadels across the land and the powerful Cores they harbor. To the victor goes the glory and ultimate power over Kelastyne.

Prepare for Battle

Choose your Guardian

Each Guardian has their own unique playstyle to master. Select which of their signature abilities you'll take into combat and upgrade their custom weapons to dominate the battlefield. You’ll want to keep each Guardian's specialties in mind when building your deck. Choose the summonable units and combat spells that complement your Guardian to gain the best tactical advantage!

Build your Deck

Your deck, comprised of 8 cards from the 3 Factions, will give you the tools you need to destroy your opponent's defenses. Your Guardian’s Faction not only tells you a little about their history but also gives a bonus to any cards used from that same Faction. Collect and level up your cards to make your deck a powerful tool in your quest for victory.

Control your Guardian

Once the game starts you’ll be able to move your Guardian by tapping anywhere on the screen you’d like them to move. While your Guardian is moving, use the cards at the bottom of the screen by dragging and dropping them onto the battlefield for precision placement.

Contention Point

Use your Guardian's abilities and weapon to capture the Contention Point in the center of the map. If you do, your Energy bar will temporarily refill faster, giving you the edge you need to destroy your opponent's defenses.


Don’t forget about your own defenses! If you lose your Core, you lose the match! The Health bars next to your Guardian’s portrait will flash red when your Gates and Core are being attacked. Remember to look back and drop defensive units when needed!

Achieve Victory

You will have 4 minutes to make your way through your opponent's defenses and ultimately destroy their Core! The player who destroys more Gates or their opponent’s Core first will be the one to clutch victory and bring honor to their Faction.