About the creators

GungHo Online Entertainment America

Located in Southern California, GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) is the US subsidiary of the Japanese gaming company GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. GungHo's one goal is to create games that are 100% pure fun for players. In titles published across multiple platforms ranging from console to handheld and mobile, GOEA perfectly symbolizes their Japanese headquarters' vision of "East Meets West," which is truly exemplified in Call of Guardians.

Signal Studios

Signal Studios is a video game development studio that was founded in early 2008. It is best known for the hit franchise, Toy Soldiers and has made a total of 8 original games. The award winning, top selling franchise, Toy Soldiers franchise alone has been downloaded over 14 million times. Signal Studios is is excited to show off the latest in their lineup of titles, Call of Guardians, made exclusively for mobile devices. The studio is based in the greater Seattle, WA area.